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Conflicting family, religious, and cultural expectations around sexuality and gender often lead to isolation, shame, and self-loathing.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your sexual or romantic orientation and gender identity. Whether you're just starting to question your identity or live out and proud, my focus is on helping you find stability, joy, and self-acceptance.

Sexual trauma

Trauma can have negative, long-lasting effects on a person's ability to trust, maintain healthy boundaries and relationships, and feel safe.
I support survivors of sexual violence + abuse in rebuilding their lives. We can work together to create goals, practice coping skills, and process the trauma that's making you feel stuck.

Letters for Gender-affirming Surgery

Most surgeons and insurance companies follow the WPATH Standards of Care which requires at least one letter from a therapist prior to undergoing gender-affirming surgery. I have years of experience providing these support letters for top surgery, bottom surgery, and various other feminizing or masculinizing interventions. I believe in improving access to transgender healthcare and eliminating unnecessary gatekeeping, so I provide these letters for free. I'm also happy to provide referrals to doctors and surgeons as well as education and resources for hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

Schedule your consultation for a gender-affirming support letter here.

Consultation + training

I provide consultation and training to local, state, and national organizations, including universities, police departments, and crisis centers. My areas of expertise include trauma, gender diversity, trans-specific therapeutic practice, cultural competence, burnout, anti-racism, and intersectionality in counseling.

Please contact me for rates + availability.


How much do sessions cost?

Individual therapy sessions (50 minutes) are $125 and family sessions (60 minutes) are $200.  Consultations for gender-affirming support letters (45 minutes) are free.

How old are your clients?

Most of my clients are 18-40, but I may see teens 15-17 with their parent or guardian's consent.

Do you accept insurance?

No, I am not in-network with any insurance companies. This is to keep all client information confidential and ensure you and I can work together to create a plan of treatment without interference from outside parties.

I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company directly to ask if your policy includes this reimbursement.

Do you offer in-person therapy?

I provide both virtual and in-person sessions at my office in Oak Forest. Vaccinated clients can choose whichever type of session they feel is best for them or their schedule. Unvaccinated clients will only be seen virtually at this time.

How much do you charge for a transgender surgery letter?

I do not charge for gender-affirming surgery letters.

Do I need a letter to start HRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is available in Texas using an informed consent treatment model. This means that if you are an adult, you do not need a letter from a therapist to obtain hormones. If you are a minor in Texas, you will need parental permission in most circumstances.

Isn't transgender therapy illegal in Texas?

No. Despite continued attacks on trans healthcare, it is NOT illegal. The American Counseling Association, Texas Counseling Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Prevent Child Abuse America all support and recognize the importance of trans-affirming care, including therapy.

I can and will provide the necessary, life-saving mental health services all trans, intersex, and non-binary people deserve. If you are under 18, please contact me to find out more about accessing safe, gender-affirming services in Texas.

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