Supervision of LPC-Associates

*I currently have openings for 2 LPC-Associates*

My approach

I use a variety of supervision theories and methods, including aspects of person-centered (Rogerian), cognitive behavioral, feminist, queer, existential, and trauma-informed theories. I value authenticity, self-expression, and I seek to empower my supervisees to become the best, most confident, and competent possible version of themselves. I provide a safe, supportive, queer af space for you to figure out who you are as a therapist and how you can best serve your clients.

About me

I am a Board-approved Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Texas. I’ve worked at county mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, domestic violence and sexual assault centers and shelters, homeless shelters, universities, and intensive outpatient programs. For the past 5 years I have had my own private practice where I work with LGBTQ+ teens and adults, especially those who are transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender non-conforming. I specialize in exploration of gender identity, sexual and romantic orientation, and sexual trauma.

Also, I have tattoos, love dogs (especially mine), cuss A LOT, and am neurodivergent.

My ideal supervisee

I utilize a feminist, queer, anti-racist framework in my work with both clients and supervisees. This means we’ll likely have difficult but necessary discussions around race, culture, privilege, and oppression. My ideal supervisee is open to having these conversations as they impact the supervisee’s personal and professional engagement with their clients.

My ideal supervisee is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and interested in working with clients who are LGBTQ+ and/or have sexual trauma. As these are my specialties, I am able to provide ample resources and support in these areas. If you are interested in working with me but do not have an interest in either of these specialities, please contact me and we can discuss our options.

Supervision with me includes

Four individual sessions (with possibility for group supervision later on) each month, generally once a week.
Each session is one hour (60 mins) and costs $150. If this fee is not manageable for you, let me know and we can discuss a reasonable lower fee.

These sessions may be in-person or virtual depending on your preference and both our schedules. My supervision sessions cover a host of topics depending on what my supervisee needs at the time. Sometimes this is clinical consultation, sometimes review of therapeutic concepts, and usually some form of clinical feedback and processing. I may also assign brief readings, podcasts, virtual trainings, or other homework.

What's next?

1. Read through the information on this page as well as my bio and LinkedIn page.
2. Contact me to schedule an interview or ask questions - this is a chance for us to interview each other, talk about expectations, ask questions about supervision, and generally see if we click.
3. Please email me a copy of your resume.
4. Complete paperwork with me that we’ll then send to the Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.
5. Once approved, we’ll begin weekly supervision sessions!

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